Kiang Malingue is pleased to present at its Tin Wan studio space Hiroka Yamashita’s first exhibition with the gallery Field, Force, Surface, showcasing ten recent paintings by the artist.


Hiroka Yamashita (born 1991 in Hyogo, Japan) lives and works in Okayama after graduating from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University in 2019. Reflecting upon the Satoyama lifestyle she confidently leads  – turning away from the metropolis to live with nature – and the invisible, spiritual dimension of the environment, Yamashita employs as her guiding principles key ideas from the realm of physics and creates paintings that either vibrate as recollections or undulate as consolidated visions. 





  • Installation view
  • The diptych Field (Persimmon Tree Sprout) makes use of a scroll-like composition, envisaging an encounter between an individual and a foreign community. The motif of the persimmon tree — also found frequently in haiku, a form of literature favoured by the artist — derives directly from the plant Yamashita tends in her garden. "The beauty of the shining sprout, the quiet mountain pass, and the swaying grass, etc… It makes me paint those works, as if it is speaking to me that they know the world much better than we humans do, and we all may come from the same place." The diptych, along with the ascending, multilayered Field (Tōge) and the threefold Shakespearean Field (with Grass), proposes novel ways through which one may exert force, relating to one another and nature. For Yamashita, the second decade of the 21st century commences in abyssal helplessness; the decisively somatic human figures in her recent paintings — inexpressive, caught in distanced confrontations or solemn praying rituals — reflect truthfully her thoughts and experiences in recent times. The artist means to, however, leave open the interpretation process, encouraging the viewer to make their own identifications and associations, and to think beyond individual, secularised destinies.



  • Field (Persimmon Tree Sprout) 《場(柿樹枝枒)》 2022 Oil on linen 亞麻布面油畫 97 x 291 cm
    Field (Persimmon Tree Sprout) 《場(柿樹枝枒)》 2022 Oil on linen 亞麻布面油畫 97 x 291 cm
    Field (Persimmon Tree Sprout) 《場(柿樹枝枒)》 2022 Oil on linen 亞麻布面油畫 97 x 291 cm
    Field (Persimmon Tree Sprout) 《場(柿樹枝枒)》 2022 Oil on linen 亞麻布面油畫 97 x 291 cm
    Field (Persimmon Tree Sprout)
    Oil on linen
    97 x 291 cm
  • Field (with Grass) 《場(和草)》 2022 Oil on linen 亞麻布面油畫 91 x 72.7 cm
    Field (with Grass)
    Oil on linen
    91 x 72.7 cm
  • Also included in the exhibition are Field (Blue and Green) and Field (Surface II), two starkly abstract landscapes, in which human figures are absent. Putting pictorial depth into play while emphasising the spatial and the atmospheric, the two artworks reconsider Azuchi–Momoyama period painter Hasegawa Tōhaku’s (1539-1610) legacy and Yamashita’s training in traditional Japanese art, speaking of a verisimilitude that almost seems incredible as the artist highlights illuminated undercurrents and a hazy pink scene, invaded gently by sap green zigzags.


    此次展覽展出的作品還包括《場(藍與綠)》及《場(面 II)》兩幅出離抽象的風景繪畫,其中罕見地沒有任何人物的蹤影。在進一步探索當代繪畫實踐的場域維度時,藝術家改變了畫面深度,強調了「空」、「氣」等超出感知範疇的屬性。山下紘加也重新檢視了安土桃山時代巨匠長谷川等伯(1539-1610)的飄渺藝術遺產,以及她自身接受的日本傳統藝術訓練,在畫面中呈現了如夢幻一般的景象:泛有暗光的湛藍溪流,以及被氤氳綠線波及的粉霧風景。

  • (About Hiroka Yamashita)


    Hiroka Yamashita (born in 1991 in Hyogo, Japan) lives and works in Okayama. She received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2017 and her MFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, New Jersey in 2019. Recent solo exhibitions include: 'Fūdo', Tanya Leighton, Berlin (2022); 'project N 84’, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (2021); ‘Cosmos Remembered’, The Club, Tokyo (2021); and 'Evanescent Horizon’ (with Naoya Inose), FOMO Art, Taipei (2021). Her work has been included in recent group exhibitions: ‘Their private worlds contained the memory of a painting that had shapes as reassuring as the uncanny footage of a sonogram’, curated by Sedrick Chisom, Matthew Brown Gallery, Los Angeles (2022); ‘Dancing in Dark Times’, Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London (2021); and ‘Daichi Takagi, Lucía Vidales, Hiroka Yamashita’, Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo (2020), among others.




    山下紘加(1991年生於日本兵庫縣)工作與生活於岡山。她在2017年獲得紐約視覺藝術學院藝術學士學位,在2019年獲得羅格斯大學梅森·格羅斯藝術學院藝術碩士學位。近期個展包括:「風土」,Tanya Leighton,柏林(2022);「project N 84」,4層迴廊,東京歌劇城美術館,東京(2021);「Cosmos Remembered」,The Club,東京,及「情緒線」(與猪瀬直哉聯展),FOMO Art,台北。她的作品曾參加多個近期群展,包括:「Their Private Worlds」(由塞德里克·池森策展),Matthew Brown,洛杉磯(2022);「Dancing in the Dark」,Pippy Houldsworth Gallery,倫敦(2021),及「Daichi Takagi, Lucía Vidales, Hiroka Yamashita」,Taka Ishii Gallery,東京(2020)。